Moshi Monsters moshlings Rox Secrets

Moshi Monsters moshlings Rox Secrets revealed . enjoy playing moshi monsters games and get Moshi Monsters moshlings Rox for Unlimited Roxy Moshlings . Moshi Monsters Moshlings Codes rox Secrets . become winner of moshi monsters game by developing Moshlings rox teams . so enjoy moshlings rox secrets in Moshi Monsters Sign in

* Plant three magic beans. Wait until they are grown. When you dig them out you will get 1 to 100 Rox depending on your monster’s health. ( Super Moshi Mission 1 )
* You can replay the Daily Challenge for more Rox. Right Click your monster, then go home to undo the click. Drink a Toad Soda, then go to the Daily Challenge. Click on it then play it again. You can get between 5 to 1,000 Rox. Note: You must do this before you have already completed it for the day. ( Super moshi Mission 3 )
* Note: You must be a member for this trick. When you go to the port you will see Rox trees. To get the Rox of the tree, simply click the tree. Once you have shaken them all, sign out then sign back in again. Go back into the port and the Rox will be back on the trees. ( Super Moshi Mission 5 )
* Buy three of any desired flower. Plant them and go home. Go straight back and you might see something blue growing. Place the pointer over it and it will read “Rox Flower”. Once it is fully grown, try to shake it. If you do not get all the Rox, log out and log back in again. Shake it again and more moshling rox will come out.
* Go to the garden cart on Main Street to buy Moshlings. Buy three Rox flowers then go to the Moshling garden. Plant them then wait for them to grow fully. Dig them up. You will get at least 100 Rox. ( Super Moshiversity )
* Make sure you have 999 happiness and health. Go to the port or Main Street and buy three dragon fruits. Plant them in your garden. Once they have fully grown, you may see a Rox plant. Dig it up and you will get between 20 and 50 Rox. If you do not have a Rox plant, a Chopchop (monkey) will be there instead.
* Go to the Puzzle Palace and do the daily quiz. As long as you get over ten answers correct, you should get at least 100 Rox. The amount you win depends on the speed you are answering the questions. You can go back to the Puzzle Palace then to the Hall Of Puzzles. Click on a random one, then leave it. At the end you will get 5 Rox as usual. Although this is not much, if you keep repeating the process you can get 115 Rox every day if you do all the puzzles.
* If you are doing very badly in the daily challenge and know that you are not going get a lot of Rox, log out before the you earn the Rox and the quiz ends. Log back in and you can have another chance. Repeat this until you know you are doing well.
* Go to the Puzzle Palace, then click on the Hall Of Puzzles. Play any game. It does not matter if you get the answers correct, you will still end up with 5 Rox. You can also allow the game to idle and still get the same amount of Rox.
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